All forms handed out in class are also available in PDF format on this page.

Beginning of Year Forms and Handouts:  I have listed the forms separately from the handbook to make it easier to print the forms only.  When students receive the handbook, all forms will be stapled into the back.

  • TOR Band Handbook:  All the information you need to ensure your student has a great year of band!
  • TORBandContract: This form must be turned in, signed by student and parent, by the 2nd band class.
  • InstrumentRentalAgreement:  This form must be filled out and turned in to Mrs. Guda before a student can take home a school-sponsored instrument.  The student must qualify for free/reduced lunch or play an instrument from the school-provided list.
  • LocalMusicStoreList:  This list of retailers provide instrument rentals and repairs, as well as supplies such as reeds and drumsticks.  Greenwich Music, Giuliano’s, and Crescendo Music also provide private lessons through their music schools.
  • 2017-18TORBandCalendar:  This is a list of all the performances for TOR’s band ensembles for the current school year.

Parade Permission Forms:

Written Assignments and Test Information