Lessons for Beginners (P)

So you’ve decided to play percussion.  Fantastic!  Lets get you started off right so you have success as soon as possible and don’t learn any bad habits.  Here are some great videos to help you.  The first few videos are from The Basic Band, a great site that promotes a strong approach to young musicians.

Snare Technique:

How to Hold Your Sticks

How to Strike the Drum

Percussion Exercise: 8 on a Hand

Buzz Strokes

Flams and Flam-Taps

Mallet Technique:

How to Hold the Mallets and Strike the Instrument

Finding B-flat

B-flat, A-flat and G

First Songs: Hot Cross Buns

First Songs: Mary Had a Little Lamb

The C Major Scale

The Chromatic Scale

The F Major Scale